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News 2021

January 2022

NEW: Open training at TRIUS on the subject of "Network technology in AV systems"

Avixa-Navs Grafik Neu.jpg

As an association, AVIXA is the world's leading provider of manufacturer-independent further training in AV and media technology training. Together with the TRIUS Pro-AV department, AVIXA offers a German-language training course with a final exam on the subject of "network technology in AV systems - NAVS for short".  The main topics include the theory of communication in networks and their function in designing, setting up and troubleshooting networks. The network analysis and the useful tools. Streaming, digital signage, video conferencing, security in AV networks, service level agreements (SLA), quality of service, remote monitoring management and other topics. Basic knowledge in the field of network technology is a prerequisite for participation. More information about this training can be found here !

October 2021

Elegance and function in perfect harmony!

Image Bilde Architectual-Serie III.jpg

With the Architectural Series , Outline presents a range of four loudspeakers - specially designed for fixed installations - that combine the highest audio quality with the absolute minimum of visual impact. Consisting of two very slim column loudspeakers, an ultra-compact cube loudspeaker and a dedicated subwoofer, this product range adds another important component to the toolbox of installers. The Architectural Series' unique combination of very modest dimensions, elegant aesthetics, ruggedness and passive electronics make them the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications in leisure, church, residential, retail, commercial and office environments.

August 2021

The future of the blackboard and the chalk are secured!

HybridTouch Pro klein.jpg

The new HybridTouch Pro DST86 BSII from the School Project Line is the future of the school blackboard. Write with pens, markers or chalk where others only have a touchscreen? This magical display surface is also a completely normal school blackboard. Whether digital lessons or conventional presentations: everything always remains in focus. The digital content is reproduced in breathtaking 4K Ultra-HD quality and the glare-free even in daylight. The touch surface is laminated to the display behind it. The natural writing feel ensures a very pleasant operation and fluid presentation without creating shadows. The enormous 178 ° viewing angle makes every place in front of this new board the best place! The entire front of the HybridTouch Pro including the display is waterproof. Switches, sockets and other control elements are securely installed on the sides. This means that this board can be cleaned quickly and easily as usual. The DST86 in a 4 cm housing appears in a modern design. The precision frame made of aluminum is rounded at all corners and the fronts are flush. The display front is equipped with hardened safety glass. Even a shot with a soccer ball cannot harm the display. The integrated stereo sound system is invisibly housed in the two side panels and provides clear speech intelligibility with a power of 2 x 40 W. Thanks to the integrated computer, an external laptop can be dispensed with. Keyboard, mouse, document camera or scanner can be connected directly (HDMI, RS232, LAN, WLAN, high-speed USB 3.0, audio input and output).

We expect the first delivery of these new touchscreens / panels within the next few weeks. If you need price information or would like to experience this board in action, please contact our office staff on 0 54 51/94 08 - 0!

August 2021

Zone audio system with intuitive control unit!

Systemline E50-Front.jpg

The Systemline E50 is a unique single room audio system consisting of the individual intuitive control unit (gesture and voice control - voice control when used with Amazon Alexa). The E50 panel is optionally available in white (white according to the IP standard) or black. The white model is therefore also suitable for installation in damp rooms. Further features are an integrated TV audio input, an integrated Bluetooth receiver (Class 2 Bluetooth 2.1) - usable for all common streaming services and, ultimately, the possibility of assigning individual names to each E50 for the use of several units in one installation. You can find more information here !

July 2021

New headphone series from Audix


As a microphone manufacturer, it makes sense to also take care of the headphone market. The American manufacturer Audix has now taken exactly this step and presents the new A-series headphones for professional and private use. The A140 is the perfect choice for the home studio and every music lover alike. With a professional, high-quality design, the A140 offers exceptional clarity and a tight, balanced sound across the entire frequency range. With the phase-coherent 40 mm drivers, the A140 delivers clean bass, precise mids and crisp highs. The A145 recreates the listening experience of a control room or recording studio environment. Tight bass, clear and precise mids, and smooth highs make the A145 the perfect choice for headphone mixing, playback, and critical listening for professionals and music lovers alike. The 45mm drivers are powerful and phase coherent, delivering one consistent, reliable sound mix after another. The A150 was designed with the aim of reproducing music across the frequency range with smooth, balanced linear reproduction and high accuracy. With 50mm phase coherent drivers, the A150 headphones are designed to be worn for hours without fatigue while listening. With exceptional isolation, free from noise cancellation artifacts, the A150 headphones are intended for studio engineers, DJ mixers and anyone who wants to enjoy high quality audio. With an extremely wide sound field and the most extensive bass response in this A series, the A152 headphones represent a new level of sound reproduction for audiophile listeners. Whether in the studio or hi-fi, the A152 captures every detail and nuance in the sound field. Even gaming enthusiasts enjoy an audible advantage with the A152 headphones when fractions of a second matter. The phase-coherent 50 mm full-range drivers in connection with the light and comfortable headset design ensure hours of listening pleasure without fatigue.
Learn more....

June 2021

Helpful arguments for using a Jonix Cube in the office!

JonixCube im Büro Image.jpg

In order to ensure productivity, serenity and full ability to work, the workplace must have clearly defined characteristics of harmlessness to health, it must be comfortable and safe.
Appropriate equipment must be used to be sure that all airborne pollutants, viruses and bacteria are eliminated (including Covid-19). Jonix devices break down pollutants and make the air cleaner and healthier thanks to Cold Plasma (Non Thermal Plasma - NTP) technology, which is considered safe and effective by the scientific world.

Learn more....

June 2021

Helpful arguments for using a Jonix Cube at home!

JonixCube Zuhause Image.jpg

Healthy , because the Non Thermal Plasma technology kills up to 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria present in the environment and introduced by humans and is also effective against Covid-19, as tests by the University of Padua have shown .

Safe : the Non Thermal Plasma activates the air and creates reactive oxidizing species that act on and remove volatile pollutants. And that without releasing chemical residues.
Regenerating, because the Non Thermal Plasma helps to create ideal conditions for our organism, improves well-being, as well as the physiological vital functions and oxygen uptake.

Fresh because Jonix devices eliminate unpleasant odors, reduce mold and make the air more pleasant and lively.

Ecologically sustainable , as you can guarantee constant protection and air exchange without having to keep the windows open for long periods of time; at the same time, you always maintain optimal environmental comfort. Learn more....

June 2021

Alfatron now also offers an audio product portfolio

WebIcon Logo Alfatron.jpg

Alfatron not only stands for professional video technology, but now also offers a respectable one  Audio product portfolio. This only includes components for permanent installation such as miniature mixer amplifiers, speakers for wall and ceiling mounting, audio de-embedders, video soundbars and various accessories. Learn more....

May 2021

New! AV ProEdge AC-EXUSB-2 kit

AVProEdge USB-EX.jpg

This USB extender kit consists of two components - a transmitter and a receiver unit. If you now connect these two components with a standard CAT cable, USB signals can be transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver with almost no latency over a distance of up to 100 m. This stable transmission solution is only possible through the use of HDBaseT technology.
The rapid increase in the use of video and tele-conferencing, the obligation to work from home, as well as the rapid market introduction of e.g. zoom and team meetings caused by the pandemic, are solutions for the stable transmission of audio / video signals via a USB -Lead more and more imperative. These USB kits provide the ideal connection for web cameras, interactive displays and smartboards, the keyboard and mouse and other USB devices.

Learn more....

April 2021

Air purification devices for decontamination and air purification of interiors

Jonix-Logo trius-vertrieb-page.jpf

Jonix's non-thermal plasma technology (NTP technology) is an advanced form of ionization that guarantees a continuously decontaminated environment without the use or residue of chemical substances.

Jonix uses the NTP generators to activate the decontaminating properties of the ambient air. This is thus cleaned and disinfected. The molecules contained in the air are "stimulated" by the NTP generators in the device (reactive species). Contained, contaminated molecules and microorganisms are broken down by this process and functionally damaged in such a way that they become inactive due to the resulting biocidal mode of action. Learn more....

January 2021

Large variety of products for contactless work and coexistence

Corona-Virus Hitergurndbild.jpg

The coronavirus caught up with us a second time. Another lockdown, keep your distance, avoid social contacts. Nevertheless, professional as well as private life cannot simply be suspended. The consequences would be vast and highly explosive.


At this point we would like to point out that we have a large variety of products that enable contactless work and coexistence. Here is an overview of the top sellers from the last few months:


1. Alfatron • Video conferencing systems for private and business use

2. Contacta • Intercom systems for banks, public institutions, retail, etc.

3. Systemline • Contactless public address systems with intuitive gesture control

December 2020

New in sales: Xilica DSP audio matrix systems

Xilica-Logo Homepage.jpg

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Xilica has been a prominent name in developing world-class configurable DSP systems since its inception in 2002. In the years prior to 2002, Xilica gained experience in various areas of pro audio, including speaker DSP.


When developing at Adamson Systems Engineering, the founders of Xilica believed that optimized high-end audio processors were critical to realizing the potential of the next generation of audio systems for both live and installation.


See the complete product overview here! We are very happy to inform you of your purchase price. Write us an email or just give us a call!

November 2020

New in sales: Alfatron video cameras and systems


Alfatron - a brand, born in Germany, which very quickly aroused interest all over the world. It enjoys a high reputation due to its innovative product range, which is specially tailored to the unique needs of the audiovisual market.


This brand has been developed over the past 10 years by passionate AV enthusiasts who have been in the industry for over 15 years and are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. With the 7-year guarantee you can be sure that you are working with a product that is trustworthy, reliable and promotes quality and durability.


All products are carefully designed and customized to meet customer needs, yet are simple and easy to install. Through dedication and attention to customers, Alfatron has managed to achieve simplicity while still meeting the highest industry and consumer standards.


See the complete product overview here ! We are very happy to inform you of your purchase price. Write us an email or just give us a call!

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