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TRIUS Music brands

Here you will find an overview of our TRIUS Music brands, which we sell exclusively for Germany and partly also for Austria. The order does not give a rating, but is structured alphabetically.

Audix Web-Logo klein Neu 2020.jpf

Audix began in 1984 with a mission that has remained unchanged to this day: to design, engineer and manufacture high-performance, innovative products that help advance the professional audio industry. Year after year, Audix microphones are recognized for their innovative design, performance, quality, durability and value. Audix is reaching the limits of technology. The state-of-the-art facility in Wilsonville, Oregon houses the research, design, manufacturing, assembly, final testing and logistics operations.

Art&Lutherie-Logo sehr klein.jpg

Art & Lutherie's guitars revive the old tradition of affordable, passionately handcrafted guitars that aspiring singer-songwriters can rely on as well as established professionals. No matter what style of music - folk, country, blues, R&B, rock & roll, whatever - the instruments of the Art & Lutherie series will surely convince with their charm "Hand-Made in Canada".

B&W-Logo sehr klein.jpg

The transport of audio equipment - be it for audio, film productions or musicians - is a demanding task. Audio equipment is usually highly sensitive and must therefore be protected as well as possible from knocks, bumps and moisture. At the same time, the equipment must be easy to transport and store. The proven outdoor cases from the German manufacturer B&W International easily meet these requirements. The impact-resistant outdoor cases made of polypropylene are dustproof, waterproof and highly stable. The cases are stackable and easy to stow away. The rubberized handles ensure a high level of comfort.

DC LEDS Logo sehr klein.jpg

Derek "DC" Washington, musician through and through, has turned his personal wish list into reality with these products. Sound-controlled LEDs, professionally integrated into instrument straps! What a show! In the basement at home, he thought through many different options and manufactured various prototypes for a long time until he reached his goal. The result is superbly crafted instrument straps made of high-quality materials, fully integrated, multi-travel LEDs, supplied with power and controlled by an integrated control module, including a battery that can be recharged via a mini-USB port.

Cleartone-Logo sehr klein.jpg

EMP (Enhanced Molecular Protection) is Cleartones patented process for the benefit of the longevity of your guitar strings. The coating, which is less than 1 µm thick, protects the string from grease, environmental influences and other wear and tear. In addition, Cleartone strings are louder and provide more sustain. No matter how hard you play, the Cleartone EMP coating won't peel off.

TRIUS Pro AV Furman.jpg

Furman is AC power management for professional musicians, sound engineers, broadcasters and systems integrators around the world. Furman products have protected billions of dollars in high quality equipment from power outages and utilize innovative technologies to maximize the performance of any AV system. Many musicians, engineers, event technicians and installers around the world trust Furman. And it's more than just Furman's unmatched reputation for protecting devices. Furman products eliminate disruptions and interferences so that all connected audio and video devices reach their optimal level and studios can realize the full creative visions of their customers.

Fishman Logo sehr klein.jpg

For more than 35 years, the manufacturer Fishman has been supplying accessories for almost every stringed instrument. Starting with the small belt pin up to the large amplification system - Fishman knows exactly what makes a musician's heart beat faster! Recently, particularly innovative products such as Fluence pickups and TriplePlay MIDI systems have caused a stir.

Godin-Logo sehr klein.jpg

Godin began making guitars over 30 years ago in La Patrie, Quebec, Canada. The man who got the ball rolling is Robert Godin. Robert is still the owner of the company today and develops many guitars himself. Godin is headquartered in Montreal and manufactures guitars at various locations in Canada, five factories in Quebec and one in New Hampshire in the USA. There are six production sites within a radius of around 1,000 kilometers. From the beginning, the company was divided into an acoustics and an electrical department. The E-department was originally also a supplier for other guitar brands.

GruvGear-Logo sehr klein.jpg

These are just three key words that describe the young Californian company. Even musicians and artists, the GruvGear team develops innovative, well thought-out products for the market, e.g. for musicians, DJs, photographers, filmmakers, producers and others. The focus is firmly on the philosophy of making GruvGear a premium lifestyle brand, not only in the creative area, but also far beyond.

TRIUS Pro AV Krane.jpg

Krane is a subsidiary of GruvGear Inc. GruvGear has made a name for itself in the last few years, especially in the music trade. The American manufacturer Krane only offers classic transport aids and accessories in its product portfolio. The smart and versatile transport trolleys simplify the handling of heavy loads. They are reliable helpers for AV technicians, musicians, DJs and of course for everyone who wants to get their equipment to their destination comfortably and in a time-saving manner. In the compact, folded state, there is always a place in the car or van. Hard jobs quickly become a pleasure!

Seagull Logo sehr klein.jpg

Robert Godin produced the first Seagull guitar in his manufacture in LaPatrie, Quebec, Canada in the early 1980s. The concept behind the new brand was to use the decisive components of the best instruments on the market at the time - such as solid tops, wonderful finishes - in guitars that can be offered in a price range that is accessible to every musician. In 1986 he brought the S6 Original onto the market, which meets exactly these requirements - and continues to do so today! The construction of the most successful Seagull model is unchanged except for optical retouching and has rightly won countless industry awards in the last few decades.

Pickbandz-Logo sehr klein.jpg

The elastic bracelet takes your favorite pick, the pendant collar / key ring even takes two. The pick is kept clearly visible in position and is always at hand. Pendant / bracelet material: 100% silicone medical grade, non-toxic / biocompatible. Delivery incl. Pickbandz-Plek.

Ornage-Logo sehr klein.jpg

Orange means real guitar amplifier history. It is now over 50 years since Cliff Cooper started his company Orange with £ 50 borrowed. To this day he is the sole owner and he still controls many of the company's fortunes. Right from the start, British-Rock amps were not only manufactured as "rock-solid", but there was also a focus on innovation. With the OMEC Digital, for example, Orange introduced a programmable guitar amplifier as early as 1975 (!!!)! Many other innovations followed, including the establishment of the so-called Lunch-Box-Amp format with the introduction of the Tiny Terror. All of this did not go unnoticed - in addition to countless industry awards, Orange received the “Queen's Award for Enterprise and International Trade” for the third time in 2012, probably the highest and most honorable distinction a company can receive in England.

Norman Logo sehr klein.jpg

La Patrie, a small village in Quebec, Canada, is still home to Norman Guitars to this day. The first Norman guitars were made in the early 1970s. Since then, the reputation of this brand for outstanding quality and excellent value for money has spread among musicians around the world and has earned Norman Guitars the reputation of “Canada's guitar”. This calm, inexpensive, purely manufacturing quality-based way of doing marketing made it possible to make significant re-investments in the instruments and the production itself. As a result, La Patrie has one of the most progressive guitar manufacturers in the world.

Simon&Patrock Logo sehr klein.jpg

Some common features of all S&P instruments make this objective clear, for example the use of selected solid tops that enable maximum response and a full, rich sound. In addition, at S&P the definition of a solid top is upgraded with "Select Pressure Tested Solid Tops" for all S&P guitars - with a special procedure specially developed for S&P guitars, this pressure test guarantees the highest stiffness with maximum harmonic vibration behavior for every top. This benefits the overall sound, the sound radiation and the resonance of these high-quality instruments.

Z-Bar Logo trius-vertrieb-page.jpf

The company Z Right Stuff offers a clever removal solution for guitarists and bassists: The simple but extremely space-saving microphone holder, thanks to its Z-shape, offers the perfect holder for all microphones.

TRIUS Pro AV tm_cable.jpg

t & mCable is one of our house brands. Here you will find ready-made audio cables, audio adapters and yard goods. The 10 year guarantee reflects the high quality standard of these professional cables.

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