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NEW • Jonix Cube

Air purification device for decontamination and air purification of interiors. Its advanced cold plasma technology eliminates viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria, mold, volatile pollutants and odors to 99.9% from the air and from surfaces. Learn more!

Cleerline fiber optics • More stable / safer / faster

Nowadays everything speaks in favor of using fiber optic cables instead of conventional copper cables. The typical homeowner today regards internet access and the speed it provides as just as important, if not more important, than water and electricity. The growth of IP data traffic has increased by a factor of four in the last five years alone, and the global IP data rate will again increase by a factor of at least three in the next few years. Learn more!

Welcome to!

For more than 30 (!) Years, TRIUS has stood for professional AV technology, music electronics, musical instruments and accessories. Our company's partners are exclusively resellers! That is why this is always the focus for us and not the sale of a product itself. This is our understanding of a modern and professional trading structure. Many years of experience show that this is the only way we are on the right track.


So that this succeeds, we have created a lean service structure for you as a potential TRIUS customer and partner, which supports you competently and creatively. Day after day. At TRIUS you will therefore find various departments whose employees offer you a wide range of services. That these services go well beyond what you are used to from an average sales organization is also part of our understanding of a modern and professional trading structure.


So that the distances for you as our partner are as short as possible, in addition to the back office department, a field service team is available nationwide for both music retailers and AV integrators, rental companies, TV / hi-fi and electronics retailers also for specialist planners and architects.


The division of TRIUS into the "TRIUS Music" and "TRIUS Pro-AV" departments, which was carried out in 2002, offers further unbeatable advantages. This enables more customer-specific advice and concentration on the essentials, and very effectively prevents a flood of data about products that are not of interest to you. Ultimately, you will gain more time through this targeted information strategy.


  • More than 30 years of success in the market - both in the MI and Pro AV market

  • A large number of exclusive and professional AV products from all over the world in the portfolio

  • A large number of exclusive brands for music retailers

  • A dedicated field service team for both the AV market and music retailers

  • Individual online shops each for the AV partner and the music retailer with individual retailer access and thus access to purchase prices, availability and ordering options

  • Fast and competent delivery of goods thanks to our own warehouse and logistics department and an attached high-bay warehouse

  • An independent shop fulfillment department - the solution for all brands and (online) retailers

You can use the banner above to switch directly to the two online shops TRIUS Pro-AV and TRIUS Music.

The typical orange sound!

Orange amplifiers have had a huge impact on music for the past 50 years. But what is the typical "orange sound"? What products does Orange offer for the current Sound 2021?

Godin Radiator Series

Your blues and your rock licks will sound like never before! As with the previous model, originality, sound and playability are the main aspects of this new edition combined with a modernized design. Learn more!

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